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New Diamonds Art

Our newer editions of Regicide have different art for the Diamond cards. Our initial idea with Diamonds was that they were Mages who were opening mystic portals to allow others to pass through to join the battle (join your hand). But this didn't really tie in very well with the idea that the other characters are chilling out at the Tavern. Are these portals opening up inside the Tavern?

We realised awhile ago Diamonds really should be Bards. Bards are all about inspiration - they're inspiring otherwise reluctant heroes to jump to action and join the battle. What better reason to leave your ale and join the frontlines than a rousing lute solo?

Therefore, in new versions of Regicide we have swapped out the old Diamonds art for 13 brand new pieces of art, again lovingly crafted by Sketchgoblin. You'll find 9 new Bards, 1 new Bard-inspired animal companion, and 3 new big, bad anti-Bard enemies to defeat. Note that none of the rules have been changed, this is purely an art & theme update.

Also of note, while we were updating the Bards, Sketchgoblin also went through and updated the art for every single card, to add in more detail and finesse!

You can find all the updated art and a little bit of background info on the four classes in our "The Classes" page. We hope you love the new art!

The new art will feature in our third print run which finished printing in late 2022 and will be available early 2023.