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The Classes


Clerics use their deep knowledge of healing and alchemy to create potions and salves. In peace times they would offer their services to the Kingdoms to help the sick and injured where needed. With the spread of corruption their services are now required on the front lines of battle.


Bards are not only musical experts but are also skilled leaders. Their niche skills inspire those around them to excel in their own areas of expertise. In battle times, in the absence of any compulsory conscription, Bards' unique abilities ensure the frontline is always fully manned and prepared for the fight.


Ever since the old wars, Warriors have honed their skills and practised their art, even through times of peace. Now that the fighting has begun again they eagerly leap into battle, keen to strike the first and last blow in any engagement.


Paladins act as the royal guards. They are adept firstly in dissuading conflict and secondly in defending against attacks when conflict is unavoidable. Now fighting has broken out in earnest their defensive abilities will prove crucial.